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11 Apr 2014: Heartbleed bug
You have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug ( that can be used to steal supposedly secured information through exploiting a vulnerability of OpenSSL certificates. It is important to note that this security hole was available only on websites that used our shared SSL certificates. The websites using RapidSSL or SSL certificates from GeoTrust were not affected. On few of our servers we were using the exploitable version of OpenSSL and as soon as a security patch was released by OpenSSL, we have installed it and re-issued all existing certificates. What this means is that all your websites and the details you submit over the shared SSL certificates are once again secure. We want to thank you for choosing our sevices!... more>>>
We are proud to announce that our in-house custom product Zacky App Installer has been launched in the VPS hosting Easy Control Panel. In a nutshell all VPS clients that have Debian OS and our custom in-house Control Panel installed now can use Zacky Installer. ... more>>>
A new feature of the new Hosting Control Panel has been launched. In the FTP Manager section our dedicated in-house developers have released configuration files for easier FTP connection without having to struggle which are the correct FTP details to establish a FTP connection.... more>>>

01 Aug 2007: NEW! Free Privacy Protection with every Domain name. This Privacy Protection for the Domain name(s) is absolutly for FREE. The contact information is publically available to everyone via Whois, unless you activate the Free Privacy Protection.

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